I See You



You will be able:

  • To question your assumptions
  • To make better decisions through critical thinking
  • To select the best decisions given one specific situation

The module will focus on:

  • What is Critical Thinking? – the competence
  • What is Critical Thinking? – the practice
  • Why is critical thinking important for a social entrepreneur?

1. Watch the following video presentation on Critical Thinking.

2. Read the introduction text on Critical Thinking: Critical Thinking – Introduction.

Task 1:

Watch the following video and write down a critical reflection on what you have seen (200 words).

Task 2:

Choose one of the following questions, think and write down your answer to the chosen question:

  • What is a social entrepreneur?
  • Is it possible to make profit from a social entrepreneurship? How?

Task 3:

Talk with one of your friends on the following topics, and write down your conclusions:

  • What do you think, which assumptions do people have concerning social business?
  • Which assumptions do you have concerning social business?

Task 4:

Write a short article of 200-300 words about social problems you consider that could be solved in a different way than they are solved now.

Task 5:

After reading the following news, choose one, think and write down your opinion about the chosen news:

Using a foreign language changes moral decisions
Fatigue and hunger sway judges‘ decisions

Final task:

Test what you have learned by answering to the following questions:

  1. What is critical thinking?
  2. Give an example of how critical thinking could be used in the workplace – or how you have used it in your life so far.
  3. Why do you think critical thinking is important for social entrepreneurs?
  4. Create a list of useful skills for entrepreneurs, including critical thinking. Rank the skills from most to least important. (Think to 10 skills at least)

Download and play the module 1 of the Business Simulation Game – Critical Thinking here.

Access the summary of the module in:

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