I See You


December 22, 2015

We are proud to announce the publication of our Migrants / Minorities Inclusion Strategy Paper, which analyses the situation of (young) migrant entrepreneurs in Europe and the obstacles they face in becoming self-employed. 

The research was conducted by our Italian partner – Programma Integra, and it comprises basic information about migrant entrepreneurship in Europe, and about the European policies and strategies to promote entrepreneurship among migrants or minority groups, but also among young people.

At the same time, the paper analyses the obstacles that young people face when they want to start a business, focusing on the additional obstacles faced by young migrants in the same situation. Specific obstacles for young migrant entrepreneurs were identified for each country involved in the I SEE YOU project, with the help of 85 experts from Austria, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and UK. The most mentioned obstacles for young migrants to open a business in these countries were: language barriers, overwhelming bureaucracy (red tape), and different types of discrimination (based on education, social background or race).

Read the whole research report here.