I See You


May 18, 2015

I SEE YOU partners revisited the entrepreneurship key competences, relevant at the European level, in order to identify the most relevant competences for each country involved in the project.

The most important entrepreneurship key competences relevant to I SEE YOU project are: leadership, willingness to explore, ability to plan, ability to take decisions, ability to prioritize, creativity, taking initiative, digital competences, competitiveness and the ability to think critically (EUCIS-LLL, 2013).

However, each country and culture places a different emphasis on different key skills. Thus, I SEE YOU partners weighed and ranked these competences, in accordance to their national importance for youth entrepreneurs. At the same time, each partner conducted research on the entrepreneurship key competences, which is used in developing the entrepreneurship trainings for the young people.

The country reports on entrepreneurship key competences can be found here.